The importance of striving for sustainable ways to operate can be found at the forefront of almost every company in the world, as they aim to be successful and remain competitive in the future. As governments around the world continue to clamp down on the effects of carbon emissions and the role they play in global warming, the damage we can cause to the environment and wildlife through the disposal of our waste products are more evident now than ever. Tesco have had an emphasis on sustainability for years already in their six strategic drivers and the 4 R’s strategy is just the latest method in how they have taken huge strides in paving the way for sustainability in retail.


The 4 R’S strategy encourages us, as well as Tesco to Remove, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle our plastic and waste products where possible to cut back on unnecessary packaging or as esco put it, to Remove it where we can, Reduce it where we can’t, Reuse more and Recycle what’s left. In 2018, Tesco made the promise to remove all of their hard-to-recycle plastics, and met this goal across their own-brand range in no time. Now, they have since been working with their external brands to cut back even more. This is why you no longer find multi packs of tinned products in plastic wrapping, but will still get 4 tins for the price of 3.

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This isn’t the only way in which Tesco looks to give back, as their ‘A little help’ scheme see’s them put £85 million into local community projects. Their ‘Made mindfully’ initiative sees the materials they use in products that have been produced, grown or made have a more positive impact on the environment than their conventional alternative. Showing why Tesco truly are setting the standard for sustainability in retail.

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