The 12th of October is seen as national savings day so we wanted to provide you with 5 easy ways you can save on your weekly shopping!

  1. Points convert to pounds!
    Join the loyalty scheme at M&S or Tesco to gain points, coupons and exclusive offers! Have you got a Clubcard yet for our Tesco?
  2. BYOB – Bring your own Bags!
    Keep a stash of bags for life in the boot of your car and never pay out for another. This can be very helpful when you’re wandering M&S and spot the new Percy Pig line… If you haven’t got a bag for life yet our stores offer a variety at different price points to start saving with.
  3. Bigger brands may not be better!
    Have a look and see if a different brand offers the exact same product. Some products in our Boots are available from a variety of brands you could check such as the Boots Beauty range.
  4. Write a shopping list (and don’t forget to take it with you!)
    By being organised and only shopping for exactly what you need you won’t be tempted to turn one pair of trainers from JD into a whole outfit.
  5. Know your local shops
    Why waste time online and money on delivery when you can head into Handforth Dean and get everything on the day? Save the environment, time and money. You’re always more tempted online.

That’s our list! Be sure to let us know what you think by engaging with our social media platforms. Don’t forget to hit follow so you can stay up to date with all our events, offers and savings.


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