Plastic Free July Ideas from Handforth Dean

Did you know that July is a month dedicated to reducing and eradicating our plastic use? Plastic is awful for the environment and contributes to many global issues around pollution and climate change. Never fear, we have selected a few things you can do when shopping at Handforth Dean to reduce your plastic footprint without compromising your daily routine.

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Choose loose veg at Tesco rather than the veg in plastic packaging. Often the price is very similar anyway so there is no problem there! Simply pick up the amount of veg you want, weigh it on the scales and take the barcode to the till. The plastic that the veg is wrapped in often can’t be recycled and ends up either in a landfill or the ocean – choosing loose veg is one straightforward way to reduce your plastic use over Plastic Free July.

Whichever shop you go to – bring your own bag. Whether this is a bag for life you already own or simply a backpack or tote, they will all be better than buying another plastic bag. Remember that supply is based on demand – the more bags people buy the more they will make next time.

When shopping at Marks and Spencer, plenty of products, including food and home goods, will have paper packaging or plastic-free options. As with bags, the more people that support the eco-friendly option the more other products and companies will catch up. Consider picking up the eco-packaging option when shopping.

Marks and Spencer also have an incredible sustainable range of clothing products. This range uses materials that feature no plastic – yes, most clothes include micro-plastics which break down and cause pollution when binned or put in a landfill. Check the label, if it is polyester it is plastic.

Switch from bottle to bar – we are talking about the shower of course! When shopping at Boots consider getting the shampoo bars instead of the plastic bottles. It is the same product just in a different format. Remember using a soap bar at the sink? That is a lot more eco-friendly and ditches the plastic, let’s bring it back!

Did you know about the sustainable ranges at JD Sports? Check the labels and you can have your favourite sporting clothing options in comfort knowing that you are saving the environment and not purchasing any plastic. Look out for the sustainable logos on the products to get started.

These are just a few of the easy swaps that you can make when shopping at Handforth Dean to go plastic-free this July. Check out some other options for Sustainable Shopping.

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